We focus on the Kingdom Perspective

The Glory Ink Pledge

Glory Ink offers eBook and Publishing Services as an independent publisher for inspirational, spiritual, and uplifting independent authors and ministries. As a Christian company, our standards are straightforward. We will not publish any content containing explicit language or photos, profanity, sexual language or pictures, mystical/new age subjects, or content that goes against our moral beliefs.

We offer professional services for a wide range of options that ensure authors of any skill set will receive a high-quality product that expressly meets and exceeds their expectations. We currently specialize in short stories, testimonials, and ministry tracts and will be expanding into novels. In addition, our service helps those who have a story to tell but need assistance to share it in print and online for family and friends and beyond..

"Publishing To Bring God Glory"

We focus on giving freedom to each story the author holds within and helping those stories be written to inspire and enlighten others from a Kingdom Perspective.

We are currently processing manuscripts and are not accepting any additional submissions at this time.

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